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Transformation Center

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Sculpt Your Body To Perfection

We spend more time on precision resistance training that is focused on fat burning and muscle tone.

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Discover Your Strength And Hidden Energy

It is the last 3 or 4 reps that make you stronger. In one week of our strength training, find muscles you didn’t know exist.

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Turbo Charge Your Energy And Stamina

Do you want more engery to keep up with the kids? Try 4 weeks of our cardio program and your heart will thank you.

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IMPACT Body Transformation Center of Trinity, Odessa & New Port Richey Florida.

IMPACT is your fitness and Anti-aging lifestyle program designed to get you fit and in optimal health fast!

IMPACT incorporates all of the advanced training principles used for Anti-aging and by the fittest athletes, fitness models and modifies it into a fun and productive group workout you can enjoy and see quick results.

Do not let fear or intimidation keep you from these sessions. In a month your abilities will be heightened and you will be in a new body.

The IMPACT program is meant to be continued month after month as your source for ultimate fitness and health.  Those who attend the nutrition seminar, all training sessions, participate in the pre and post assessments, read and apply the daily e-mails and follow the nutrition plan will see the most dramatic results in one month. Expect fantastic results!


Although it has been very challenging at certain times, I am so happy I am doing it. My energy level was non-existent in the beginning, but has changed so much already. I’m so thankful for all of Arman’s advice and tips. Looking forward to what the next 3 weeks bring.




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Leaner, Meaner and even More Intense than Traditional Fitness Boot Camps

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