Arman Eckelbarger

Arman Eckelbarger is a NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) Certified IMPACT Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Corporate Wellness Consultant and Age Management Coach.

Arman has lived in the Trinity area since 2001, is married (in love with his wife, Kim) with 2 children (Brant and Karman) and really enjoys the area.

He began his journey into the health and wellness field in 1987 after graduating from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Because he was attracted to bodybuilding in college, his first opportunity came with Gold’s Gym in Greenville, SC where he quickly became the Head Trainer and then moved through the ranks to management. Over time, he was involved in health club management and ownership but later decided to pursue setting up Corporate Wellness Programs for companies through health clubs. He utilized a capitation pricing model that he had set up with a health club he had ownership with in Danville, IN. This later led to working with other health club chains where he was the Corporate Wellness Director and the Director of Personal Training in Atlanta, GA. He has personally been involved in the enrollment of over 700 companies in Wellness Programs. This success led to becoming a guest speaker for IHRSA (International Health & Racquet Sportsclub Association), Club Industry and Bodylife (International Health Club Association) where he was paid to speak in Karlsruhe, Germany regarding Capitation based Wellness Programs. He has consulted for health clubs throughout the U.S. and Internationally but after having children decided it was more important to spend time at home and not be traveling.

Since he has been training and exercising for the past 27 years to maintain his own health and wellness he started to notice his training had become less effective and he had let his eating habits become more relaxed. Things weren’t working the way they used to and his metabolic levels (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) were not at their optimal levels. He has since spent the last 2 years studying how the body ages and what can be done about it. This is the study of Age Management and it is a real eye opener for everyone. People do not realize what happens to their bodies as they age and what damage they are doing to themselves through poor nutrition, abusing the digestive system (it has a critical role in the immune system), toxification from pesticides, animal antibiotics and hormones, lack of proper exercise and sleep, hormone decline and the harmful environment they are putting their bodies through. He has created a program for people to get their health back and take it to the next level utilizing IMPACT (Interval Training has shown to be superior to other forms of exercise for aging), nutrition with organic food, supplementation, detoxification, what to discuss with a doctor regarding blood work and a whole lot more!


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